TakeAwayCode: Vocabylary Transformer
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  • Designed for anyone interested in creating digital dictionaries, making word searches, organizing words in folders, generating flashcards and crossword puzzles, saving and sharing created documents.
  • Digital vocabulary creation
    Flashcards and crossword puzzles
    Saving and sharing

    The interface allows easily exploring and editing the content of your files: drag and drop for the dictionary items, dynamic colors showing the result of the last activity (red indicates incorrect answer), text editor for your comments.

    Create crosswords and flashcards
    Producing flashcards or crossword puzzles is as simple as selecting one or multiple folders with the words you want to include. The program then automatically generates a solution for the activity.

    New version
    with a direct access to the web content. Explore shared digital dictionaries and vocabulary lists.

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    • With a direct access to the web content.

      Explore shared digital dictionaries and vocabulary lists from your desktop application. List of available content: English phrasal verbs English-Italian common vocabulary English-German common vocabulary English-Greek common vocabulary Lexique Italien-Français (mots courants) English-Chinese common vocabulary English-Japanese common vocabulary English-Portuguese common vocabulary English-Russian common vocabulary English-Spanish common vocabulary Français-Allemand petit lexique Français-Chinois petit lexique Français-Anglais petit lexique Français-Espagnol petit lexique Français-Grec petit lexique Français-Japonais petit lexique Français-Portugais petit lexique Français-Russe petit lexique Русско-голландский словарь (А-Б-В) 中文 - English (small vocabulary)
  • Free Android App

    Vocabulary Transformer Mobile. Free Android app.

    Explore digital dictionaries and vocabulary lists created with the Windows application Vocabulary Transformer and shared by users.

    Shared content: view all the shared dictionaries and vocabulary lists. Private content: view your private (password protected) dictionaries and vocabulary lists.

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    Vocabulary Transformer Mobile. Free iPhone app.

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